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Company Profile

“Natural Sciences Information Centre” (“NSIC”), the company registered under the laws of the Russian Federation.

We are the team of information professionals with the inception of our activities since 1990. Our key competence is data abstraction from scientific literature and the creation of advanced information products and services. Among our customers are the leading publishers and information centers worldwide. The abstractors are highly trained scientists with their long-term experience in biology, chemistry, agronomy, material sciences. Due to long-term experience in manual indexing, document analysis, data mining and semantic enrichment of information the high-level quality monitoring is applicable.

The company’s portfolio includes the development of databases on biological properties of substances with regard to both plants and animals, for example:, experimental data for ceramics and glasses (GlaCer database), chemical structures and organic syntheses (the staff is experienced for 7 mln structures, 10 mln reactions, 30 mln records for properties and applications), nanomaterials and nanodevices (more than 800000 units)and much more.

The key point of Natural Sciences Information Centre information products is the representative set of numerical data related to the selected objects (structures, reactions, materials, devices, ceramic objects, plants biostimulants). Near hundred types of numerical parameters are supported to be searchable and well-shown in convenient and flexible way by integrated search and visualization engine. The plots from the literature are digitized and stored in the databases. The digitized plots are interactive and show real values across the mouse cursor. Those data are fully searchable.

Natural Sciences Information Centre is constantly looking forward to discover new gateways to supply academia and industry with the actual and comprehensive information to stimulate research and production.

Products and Services

The most recent products are:

(a) is the largest database of published experimental data on plant biostimulants. We include the results of applied research on substances and/or microorganisms which have the capacity to modify physiological processes in cultivated plants and mushrooms in a way that provides benefits to growth, development or abiotic stress response, with the exception of nutritional and pesticide effects.
It is possible to search and filter using any combinations of the terms, for example: scientific or common plant names, crop types, cultivars, authors and corporations, biostimulant classes, commercial names, chemical formulae, microorganism names or functions, objects of measurement, abiotic stresses, investigated parameters and much more. Figures were digitized to extract valuable data from plots and histograms. Every experiment is presented in the visualized timeline. Analytical reports for each query including ratings and pie charts.

(b) - the database of ceramics and glasses, their properties and synthesis. Only substances with experimentally supported data are included into the database.

What are the registered objects for that database? They are ceramics, inorganic glasses, glass-ceramics, cermets and composites of the above mentioned substances.

For the specially-designed registration system only fully defined composition for every substance is possible, without any variable indices or variable coefficients. The additional attributes of a ceramics like space group, mineral names, crystal system, lattice centering, formula type, modification, and others are also registered. If a substance is not comprised by the single phase then phase composition is also entered.

It is well-known that the synthesis way has a great impact on the properties of the ceramic substances obtained. Therefore the special reference is created from the properties of the substance to the synthesis way if applicable.

The focus of the GLACER database are numerical data and plots of physical properties. More than 80 different types of numerical data for properties are included into the database, all of them are searchable. Every parameter has associated measurement conditions like temperature, wavelength, frequency and others. Additionally all possible other physical properties of the ceramic substances are included in qualitative manner too and being demonstrated in the search result.

Many plots from the literature are digitized and stored in the database. The digitized plots are interactive and show real values nearby the mouse cursor. Those data are fully searchable.

The flowchart model was selected for the visualization of synthesis. Starting materials are interactive on clicking. The synthesis conditions like temperature, pressure, time and pH are stored as numerical data in the database. Not only chemical but of course all physical treatment steps are described too.

The propagation feature for the new numerical data is also applied additionally in the GlaCer platform. In total it is possible to have in several dozens times more data points than in the original literature source. It is also planned to enhance this function by the prediction of new data using empirical and other equations.

(c) We also offer the processing of any sci-tech data with high level quality standard. The Document Analysis and Data Processing include:

  • Metadata abstracting;
  • Structures and Compositions Indexing;
  • Properties and Applications Indexing;
  • Synthesis and Preparations Indexing;
  • Spectra and Graphic Functions Indexing.

With Natural Sciences Information Centre you can have an access to the information on a wide range of disciplines.

R & D

Our recent product developments are:

Plants Biostimulants Database (see

Ceramics and Glass Database (see

Among the other innovative developments we have:

  • Automated Indexing System for the high- ranked journals in material sciences;
  • Comprehensive controlled vocabulary including headings and cross-reference relationships constructed from multiple subject-specific thesauri;
  • Software Tools to verify the correctness of Data Indexing;
  • Software Tools to check abstracted chemical structures;
  • Registration of multiphase ceramics and composite materials;
  • Possibility to enter the unlimited amount of stages for synthesis and even branched preparations;
  • Special link between the properties for the registered substance and its way of synthesis if applicable;
  • The digitized plots which are interactive and show real values across the mouse cursor. Those data are fully searchable and in many cases even better readable than in the original literature version;
  • The propagation function for the new numerical data. In total it is possible to calculate in several times more data points than in the original literature source;
  • It is under development now to enhance this function to the prediction of new data using empirical and other equations. E.g. VFT (important for glasses).

These are just a few examples of our developments. We are constantly working with our customers to identify new challenges and to combine modern information technologies with representative set of literature data to meet the information needs of publishers, academic institutions, industry, information professionals.

News and Events presentation at 7th International Congress on Ceramics
7th International Congress on Ceramics presentation at Biostimulants Europe Conference 2018

You can meet us during the following events:

7th International Congress on Ceramics

June 17–21, 2018.
Foz do Iguaçú - PR - Brazil

InfoAg International Conference & Exhibition

25-27 March 2019, Dublin, Ireland

The 4th Biostimulants World Congress

18-21 November 2019, Barcelona, Spain

Corporate Philosophy

The Staff of NSIC is the most important resource. The professionalism and high efforts they contribute in the workplace are the driving force behind the continued success of the company.

Our philosophy is professionalism, corporate responsibility, cooperative spirit, friendly and comfortable atmosphere of work. We are trying to realize the possibilities and talent of every individual toward perfection and excellence in the work done, administrative and research contributions.

Our Contacts

Natural Sciences Information Centre (NSIC), TIN 7734638713.

Address:    Marshala Ribalko 12-1-9, 123060 Moscow, Russia

Tel.:    +7 985 9913207